What to Do?

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(Pro 31:12) She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.

Reading this verse, the first thing that popped out to me was the word "does". To be a virtuous woman we must do! Now, if you're anything like me there's a little part of you that's thinking "Great! Something else to add to my mile long to-do list." We must be careful to think this way! Yes, we're busy. However, we must make sure that our priorities right daily! This verse is referring to doing something for our husbands. So often jump at the opportunity to do something for a friend or neighbor. Our husbands should come second to only God! We should be just as eager to do for them!

But what should we do? The verse states that she "does him good and not evil". This brings to my mind Adam and Eve. Eve didn't do as the virtous woman when she offered Adam the fruit. She was doing him harm. We must be cautious not to put our will above God's as Eve did. We must do that which is good to our husbands instead!

This isn't a task that you do once and then check it off your list, however. It is something we must continue doing as long as we live!

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