Can He Trust You?

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(Pro 31:11) The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
When a main completely trusts his wife, he doesn't lack anything of value. This makes the need to be trustworthy extremely important to our relationship with our husband! We must be sure that our husbands can trust us in all areas in life.
  • Finances-Can you be trusted to spend wisely and show good stewardship of the financial gifts God has blessed your family with?  Sit down with your husband and discuss your budget(or set one if you don't have one!). For larger purchaces, if the price is larger than a certain amount(ex. $100) discuss buying with spouse.
  • Home-Can you be trusted to run an orderly home? Ask your husband what he expects when he comes home. I know my husband would much rather have a  hot meal on the table rather than a spotless house when he comes home!
  • Faithful-Can you be trusted to be faithful to your husband? This is a big one! If this trust isn't there it can cause a lot of problems in your marriage. Ask your husband if there is anything you can do to strengthen this trust.
  • Emotional-Can you be trusted to control your emotions? The first thing that come to my mind when I think of this is controling our temper. Of course that is one of our emotions we must control! But there are others as well-anxiety, stress, sadness. Don't take this the wrong way-we should tell our husbands how we feel. There is a time and a place to do so!
  • Reputation-Can he trust you with his reputation? It seems some women only have bad things to say about their husbands. Don't be one of these women!! No-our husbands aren't perfect! But neither are we! Do you want him to run out and tell all his friends your flaws? Didn't think so-so don't do it to him. Instead say positive things -build him up.
We all have flaws; we will fail to do these things sometimes. We must strive to be trustworthy in all areas every day!


  1. Excellent questions. I do want my husband to be able to trust me. I will print these off to check up on myself. It's not often I read of our husbands trusting us for his reputation. A worthy question. I so often hear women running down their husbands and it bruises my spirit.

  2. Lovely post and GREAT points that you made. Thank you for linking up!!

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