Strive for Excellence

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(Pro 31:24)She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

The virtuous woman not only spins wool & weaves the fabric to make clothing for herself and her household; she also makes linen to sell! But notice the word "fine" she makes the best quality she possibly can! She strives for excellence!

Today we seem to have a the faster the better mentality. We rush through things, many times with out giving them the time they deserve. This can be detrimental to us. When at a local christian bookstore recently, I saw a book that was full of 1 minute devotionals. Not let me go a head and say, I don't think there's anything wrong with these type books. But if we're only spending 1 minute in God's word a day that's an issue! We have to make time for studying! 

What about other things, like cleaning? Is getting through with other things fast bad? Not at all, as long as we are doing our best! We must remember that we are to do all things "for the Lord"! Yep, we must heartily scrub those floor and fold those clothes!  This means not grumbling or complaining about our work! This is something I struggle with sometimes. It's easy to fall into complaining about the work to be done. Here are a few things I like to do to help that not happen:
  • Have some soft music playing-classical music, hymns, something that will keep you relaxed.
  • Sing while you work(or whistle :))-I like singing along when I have hymns playing. Helps me to keep my mind on the right track. (Phil 4:8)
  • And if you start thinking about complaining-pray
What do you do to make sure you are working "for the Lord"?

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  1. Having children has definitely made me strive for excellence. They are watching, and I want to set a good example.

  2. hi friend...passing by to invite you im hosting a tuesday bloghop...hope you join...if you feel to...your welcome...loves soraya


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