Fruit of Her Hands

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(Pro 31:16) She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.

She conforms to the will of God, she's trustworthy, does good to her husband, works willingly, shops wisely, and puts the needs of others before her own. Not only does the virtuous woman do these things but she also looks for ways that she can help her husband provide for their family.
We read here of her buying a field but notice what she does before she buys it. She considers the financial burden of the field and supplies needed to plant the vineyard, and determines that it is worth the payout. Although we're not told here, I'm sure this step also involved discussing this purchase with her husband. I can't imagine how many arguments have came up because of people not discussing large purchases with their spouse.
Now she leaves all the hard work to her husband because let's face it she's a busy lady. No, she plants the vineyard with her hands! Remember she's willing to work. Can you imagine the time she put into this? I'm sure this was not an easy task, mentally or physically, but she was willing to endure it for her family!

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  1. Well written, Ashlyn! You are very talented. You also have your heart and spirit in the right place. I am very proud of you!
    Ruby Spurlin Johnson

  2. That is a great post! Thanks for sharing what's on your heart!

  3. Its a beautiful post Ashlyn! What a blessing you are to your family and the Lord!


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