Homemade Cleaners

I'm going to let you in on my secret for cheap homemade cleaners!


Yep its Vinegar!! I know what you're thinking too-"That stuff stinks!" I used to think so to but I've got used to it! And really the smell fades just a little while after you use it. Here are some of the many uses of vinegar:
  • Mix with water to form a 3:1 (water:vinegar). You can get spray bottles for less than a dollar to store this in.  It makes a  great all purpose cleaner. I use it for about everything!
  • Pour a little baking soda in your drains or garbage disposal. Then pour vinegar over it  :) Let sit about 5 min; rinse with warm water. This cleans out minor buildup in pipes and gets rid of odor! This would be something great for your kids to do!   
  • use 3/4 in place of fabric softener-I've never tried this before but heard it works well
  • pour vinegar in bowl and let sit overnight to get rid of odors in the air
  • Check out http://www.vinegartips.com/ for 1001 uses for vinegar!


  1. I too use vinegar to clean. I don't mind the smell and it does a good job. If you have an ant problem--wipe your counters with vinegar and it discourages the ant infestation!

  2. pour a little vinegar in with your jeans when washing and it keeps the color from fading. most especially do this as soon as you buy them and before you wear them.

  3. what a great link - thanks for sharing (via raising homemakers)


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