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I recently found this wonderful website(Thanks Vrtuous Magizine!) It has videos on God's view on both moral issues and proper worship. Theses videos are free to watch online!

Some issues addressed include: 
  • Modesty
  • Drinking
  • Lying
  • Bible Study
  • Communion
  • Giving
  • And many more
Head over and check out this great resource

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  1. Just became a follower! Thank you for posting this. Just came from another post you wrote regarding birth control pills and I watched the video. Thank you for posting that! There are soo many people out there that don't know that important information! I have a blog too but I am still very new at this blogging thing. Come and stop by.:)

    1. Rachel,
      Thanks so much for stopping by! I was really surprised when I found out the truth about how birth control works! So glad that I know now though!
      I'm off to your blog :)


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