Seeking Out the Best

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(Pro 31:14) She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar.

Wait a minute! Being virtuous involves shopping? I think I can handle this part! But the Virtuous woman doesn't just settle for what is convenient; she shops wisely! I think there were probably nearby markets for her to purchase food from. Why didn't she just buy her food locally? Was it because she couldn't find what she needed? Maybe. Because it was much more expensive? Maybe. Or was it just not good quality? Any of these options would work. But the point isn't why she didn't just settle for what the local market had. The point is she was willing to seek out what was best for her family!
Notice that she brought her food from afar. Now, remember that there were no refrigerators back then. She most likely had to go to the market several times a week. Then there's the transportation. It's very likely that she had to walk and if that isn't enough she had to carry all her goods back. Oh how easy we have it today! I'm not saying grocery shopping is easy(especially not 5 days before Christmas at 6PM-but that's another story)! It takes time and patience.

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  1. Huh...never considered that when reading that passage! Thanks for the thought! Visiting today from Raising Mighty Arrows :) Merry Christmas!


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